Limitless Season 2, Is It Coming Back?

Hello and Welcome, Friends. How are you guys? You are very welcome. In another new article, today we will talk about an American comedy-drama television series called Limitless. And in which article we will talk about today about this Limitless Season 2, how long you will get to see it, so let’s not start too long.

Limitless Season 2 :- So, friends, let me tell you, there may be some important things about him; limitless Season 2 fans will be happy to hear this news that you will get to see this series very soon as it was. As I told you, Limitless is an American comedy-drama television series that originally aired on CBS from 22 September 2015 to 26 April 2016. In this series, Jack McDorman is shown as a Brian Finch who discovers the power of a mysterious drug called NZT-48. This drug is not a mediocre medicine, and this medicine can open the entire capacity of the human brain, and the one who uses it becomes much better mentally.

If you have not heard about the Hollywood movie Lucy, let me tell you, this story will sound a bit similar to you because the actress who played our main character in that movie would have accidentally fallen victim to a similar drug. Are So that their mental capacity is greatly accelerated. If you have not seen this movie, then I would like to see this movie once.

limitless season 2

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Limitless Season 2 Plot 

Let’s look at the plot of this story. This story revolves around an unsuccessful musician who exposes his brain’s full powers and abilities with new medicine. The FBI has hired him to solve the most difficult cases in the show based on the 2011 film. Friends, all of us have heard that man uses only 10 percent of his brain. And if he goes beyond this, he can do such things that seem impossible to listen to; if a human being uses above 10% of his brain, he blocks the magic abilities. You are going to see something similar in this series. Because that person is of extraordinary ability, FBI joins him in his group. If I tell you more than this, then you will not enjoy watching this CD again. But let me tell you that many enemies want to get this medicine due to this drug, and there are many side effects of this medicine, which you will know by watching the series.

Limitless Season 2 Cast 

Jake McDorman – Brian Finch

Jennifer Carpenter – Agent Rebecca ( FBI SPECIAL AGENT )

Hill Harper – Agent Spelman ( FBI AGENT )

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio – Nasreen “NAZ” ( FBI SPECIAL AGENT )

In this cast includes many other as well.

Is the show canceled by CBS, Limitless Season 2?

As I said to you guys, the show ended in 2016, and soon after its finale, Limitless was canceled by CBS. But friends, its fans have praised it so much that the show has got excellent ratings, and the show is also powerful, its fans are everywhere, but gradually the series kept sinking as it progressed. CBSE President Glenn Geller felt as if he was not able to connect with the audience. Its first season ended on a cliffhanger note, with the network opting not to renew the show. And so far, there is no news about its season 2 coming.

Friends, no official announcement has been made by the makers yet. Was it that Season 2 will come or not yet? You will get to see a lot of it on the net. Thank you for reading our partner tomorrow and we As soon as an update comes, let us update our article till then take Tata Bye Bye.

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